How to Make the Most Money Selling Your Denver Home

Every seller wants top dollar for their home, but not everyone gets that. How do you get the most money for your Denver area home? There is no magic answer, just lots of hard work.

  1. Work with a Realtor who can advise you well and work with you through the process. I know, I know… you believe I am biased on this, and I am a bit. However, I truly believe that working with a great agent can make all the difference. Say you hire a low-cost company to simply list your home and nothing else. Will you have to stage your home yourself and take your own professional pictures? Will you get any other marketing efforts? Do you believe they will negotiate well on your behalf when it comes to price and terms? Will they set up a system to schedule showings or will you have to do all the work? And then when the buyer finds lots of things they want to fix from the inspection, will this company negotiate well for you?  What about if something goes wrong? Who is in your corner? Every deal has something to work through and a buy and sell contract for a home isn’t something most people tackle every day.
  2. Stage your home to SELL. A home you live in can look different than a home you are selling. Staging is about presenting a space that buyers can imagine themselves living in. The home should be clean, absent of major defects (as much as possible) and have furniture and accents that fit the space and hopefully have a little style that is current and popular. Even if you usually prefer southwest decor and a big sectional that leaves just enough room to scoot by, when you are selling, you might need to change that to appeal to the most people. You don’t always have to make large changes (like remodeling a kitchen) – this is something you can review with your agent to see where other homes in your neighborhood sell with and without those changes.
  3. Clean, clean, clean. A clean, tidy home leads people to believe the home has been well-cared for and is in good shape. A dirty home may leave people wondering what else has been neglected. And, if there is too much mess, they may not be able to see past the mess to the great structure and potential underneath. A few really helpful tips: keep counters clear of clutter so it doesn’t seem like there aren’t enough cabinets, fresh caulking goes a long way to brighten up an area and make counters and tubs sparkle, and remember that buyers will look in your cabinets and closets!
  4. Market the home everywhere and make it look great online. Most buyers see a home for the first time online. To make the best first impression, it should be staged well (see point #2) and have amazing professional photos. Even if you are a hobbyist and take great landscapes, this may not translate into great marketing photos for your home. Let your agent have professional photos taken. Then, the home goes online with a fabulous description. It should be listed on the local MLS, of course, but there is more that can be done! It can be listed on other home search sites like Zillow and Trulia. Your agent can advertise the home to other agents who have buyers in the area, advertise on social media, host an open house and more. Get a marketing plan from your agent.

In the end, it’s about finding a great agent, cleaning up and decluttering, and letting that agent work hard for you. Together with your agent, you are trying to make your home the most appealing one in the neighborhood and seen by the most people. Then, your agent can negotiate the best offer for you and work with you to get it to the closing table.

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